Sustainable development: Neptune, the n° 1 environmentally-friendly filtering system for opticians

Starting to use the Neptune filtering system

  1. Unpack Neptune and remove all the polystyrene packaging.
  2. Install the control unit on the work surface and connect it to the Neptune tank.
  3. Plug Neptune into the mains.
  4. Fit the lift pump supplied by your edger manufacturer on to the two rods at the back of the work tank. For dual-pump Nidek edgers a special plate has been supplied with the Neptune tank.
  5. Use the ON/OFF switch on the bottom left-hand side of the Neptune filtering system to power up.
  6. The LEDs on the control unit start to flash. Continue to press the MODE button and select day or night position.
  7. Fill the tank with fifty (50) litres of water. Use the V1 LED to check the water level (make sure that it is in the OK position, green LED lit up).
  8. Install the outlet pipe between the edger and the Neptune tank.
  9. Connect the deodorizing filter if you have one.
  10. The Neptune filtering system is ready to use!