Sustainable development: Neptune, the n° 1 environmentally-friendly filtering system for opticians

While the store is closed
water is filtered via a three-stage process:

1 - Transfer

Pump (1) starts, shakes all the "sludge" that has been deposited at the bottom of the work tank and sends the cooling water and grinding residue into the filtering tank.

2 - Cleaning the work tank

As soon as the sensor (2) on the filtering tank has detected five litres of filtered water, the return pump (3) starts up and sends water under pressure through the nozzles on the top of the work tank to clean the sides. The pump (1) detecting the water, starts up and sends the cleaning water back to the filtering tank. The cleaning cycle, which takes half an hour, repeats the operation six to eight times.

3 - Filtering

Once the work tank is clean, pump (1) is deactivated. All the water is now in the filtering tank. Through gravity it is filtered through the disposable filter (4) where all the grinding residues are stored.
Detecting the presence of the filtered water, the water detector (2) sends a signal to the return pump (3) which sends the water back to the work tank. The duration of filtering and consequently that of the cycle depends on how full the filter is...
The clear, filtered water is now available again for a new period of work.