Sustainable development: Neptune, the n° 1 environmentally-friendly filtering system for opticians

Fitted with the O2R deodorizing option, the Neptune filtering system neutralizes unpleasant odours from the grinding of certain lenses, typically high index organic.

The deodorizing principle

It is the natural flow of air created by the rotation of the grinding wheels that is captured and guided through a filter using two active principles, Zinc Ricinoleate and active carbon with a broad microporous surface.

The active principles

- Zinc Ricinoleate
Zinc Ricinoleate is a highly efficient deodorizing agent which neutralizes bad smells. It is used in both conventional and organic deodorizers.

- Active carbon
Active carbon is an inert microporous carbon with a broad internal surface (up to 1,500 m2/gramme). This surface can absorb organic molecules that occur in liquid and gaseous substances: polluting molecules adhere to it. The carbon (sourced from coal, coconut shell, wood, etc.) acts through a three-step process: the water is removed (dehydration); the organic matter is transformed into elementary carbon (carbonization) and the non-carbon elements are eliminated.